Number of Registered Facilities/Groups 91 (as of September 2023)
Number of Registered Facilities/Groups 91 (as of September 2023)

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Introduction of Hands-on Experiences

Spend your night at a serene thatched house


You can relax and watch the garden and the verdant mountains from the comfort of the veranda in the front area of the house.

Let's stay at a traditional thatched house!

"Kayabuki no Fuchi" is located in a peaceful mountain village that is a 30-minute drive from Hamada City. You can stay in this vintage traditional residence with a sturdy and imperious thatched roof and where the veranda is separated from the Japanese-style room by a single sliding door. From the spacious veranda, you can gaze at the garden and relax with a sense of time slowing down. At Kayabuki no Fuchi, you can experience various agricultural activities such as picking wild vegetables, rice planting, and harvesting potatoes, depending on the season. Guests are welcome to cook their own food, but they can also prepare simple rural dishes such as the local specialties "kakuzushi," a simmered vegetable dish known as "nishime," and pork miso soup alongside the program affiliate Morikawa, from whom they can learn about food culture and the importance of food.

Going up the entrance hall brings you to two adjoining Japanese-style rooms where you can sit around a kotatsu to keep warm in winter.

Farmers living nearby will also help with cooking. The miso and konnyaku sashimi are all made by hand!

A small number of leaves are gathered from the fields as garnish for the dishes.

Enjoy local specialties such as "kakuzushi" and "nishime," and discover the delicious flavors of rural dishes!

*Lodging is currently unavailable.