Number of Registered Facilities/Groups 91 (as of April 2024)
Number of Registered Facilities/Groups 91 (as of April 2024)

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Experience the Charm of the Sea!


The group Usagi Genki na Kai, which takes its name from the Udo pass pacing the Sea of Japan and the Sagiura District, communicates the charm of the sea and this historic port town. You can walk around the old townscape with its narrow alleys and street number doorplate on every house, or stay at an old private house with a view of the sea. The cruising experience is popular. You can take a small boat out of the bay and into the vast Sea of Japan, stroll the beaches, feed seagulls, and explore the natural caves. You can watch the evening sunset over the sea, and, in season, appreciate sea sparkle ("sea fireflies") and fishing lure lights at night. Or try the salt grilling experience to sense the richness of the sea and the blessings of nature by boiling down seawater to make natural salt.

Taking the pleasure cruise, you can find shells, crabs, and more on the rocks.

A bridge made of thin boards over a shallow river!

Many old-fashioned tools are in the old private home.

Usagi Genki na Kai makes natural salt by boiling seawater in a large cauldron for three days.

Walking around Sagiura

Climbing the low hills, you can look out over Sagiura Bay and the red-tiled port town.

As the Sagiura area was a port of call for the ships called kitamaebune, splendid old private homes of ship owners, shipping wholesalers, and merchants still stand. You can see homes with lattice doors and grid-like namako walls, as well as red roof tiles and reliefs called kote-e on plaster walls, showing the interaction that existed with the Iwami area.