Number of Registered Facilities/Groups 91 (as of September 2023)
Number of Registered Facilities/Groups 91 (as of September 2023)

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Introduction of Hands-on Experiences

Learn to coexist with nature in the mountains of Yasaka


"Yoki no Karyudo" operates a rural cafe & kitchen in Yasaka-cho of Hamada City that is steeped in nature, and offers a local area for visitors to relax while enjoying udon and doburoku (unrefined sake). Here, you can experience picking wild vegetables and culinary activities such as making tofu and konnyaku, as well as stargazing under the starry night sky. As the affiliate of this program Mr. Imada is a hunter, you can accompany him on his wild boar hunting trips into the mountain where he will bring his hunting dogs along. Wild boars that are caught can be butchered on the spot, cooked, and served. Through these hunting and culinary experiences, you can learn about what it means to "given life" and to "live."

The lives of wild boars resonate within Mr. Imada himself. He can tell you about life and what it means to coexist with nature.

The physical contact he makes with his dogs that accompany him on his walks every day. Animal instincts become crystal clear on his wild boar hunting trips.

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A "wild boar hunting experience" where you accompany Mr. Imada, an affiliate of this program, and his hunting dogs. You can learn about the harsh conditions of nature and the relationship between humans and animals.

You can enjoy specially made udon and coffee in a relaxed setting at the cafe & kitchen.

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