Number of Registered Facilities/Groups 86 (as of June 2024)
Number of Registered Facilities/Groups 86 (as of June 2024)

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An Oki Geopark tour that brings you closer to nature and culture


Akiya Coast, a famous spot in Ama The rock caves formed from wave erosion have a cavity that resembles a heart depending on the angle you look at it.

The "Oki Geopark" was officially certified by the Global Geopark Network in 2013. At "Oki Shizen Mura (Oki Nature Village)" in Ama, Nakanoshima, Oki Islands, you can participate in the "Amacho Geopark Tour" alongside a professional tour guide. On this tour, you can experience the magnificent landscape of Oki and its unique plants, geological formations, and culture. On the Akiya Coast where crimson cliffs contrast stunningly against the backdrop of the emerald green sea, you can listen to intriguing stories such as the legend of the goddess and how the fault was rumored to have been formed from the tour guide. At the Oki Shrine, you will also be told the story of Emperor Go-Toba who was swept onto Oki and you can learn more about the unique history of these islands.

A popular sightseeing spot that is known as the "Heart Rock"

Oki Shrine where Emperor Go-Toba is worshipped

Take a leisurely stroll along Akiya Coast. The crimson cliffs are formed from the deposition of ejecta such as lava from volcanic eruptions. These coastal formations are of immense geological interest.

The magnificent view from Mt. Kinkoji. You can enjoy a great view of the blue sky, the sea, as well as Dogo island.