Number of Registered Facilities/Groups 92 (as of May 2022)
Number of Registered Facilities/Groups 92 (as of May 2022)

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A colorful home-cooked buffet featuring a variety of vegetables


A buffet where you can experience over 20 different side dishes of rural cuisine!

This 130-year-old thatched house is located within "Shoku no Mori," an establishment that advocates the principle of local production for local consumption as with Okuizumo Winery and Shirousagi Tofu. Here, you can enjoy a buffet on Wednesdays and Sundays featuring rural dishes that showcase a variety of local seasonal ingredients.
 More than 20 primarily vegetable-based local dishes are served on nostalgic platters on the dining table in the style of obanzai (traditional homecooking). The vegetables used in the dishes are organic vegetables that have been cultivated at Muroyama Farm and brought here by a local lady who is in charge of cooking. In addition, the menu showcases the seasonal flavors of each season by using freshly harvested vegetables of that period through serving mixed vegetable rice that exudes the aroma of the different seasons, as well as preserved food items such as pickles.

Muroyama Farm also manufactures and sells "doburoku (unrefined sake)." Adults will each receive a bottle as a gift.