Number of Registered Facilities/Groups 93 (as of February 2023)
Number of Registered Facilities/Groups 93 (as of February 2023)

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Introduction of Hands-on Experiences

Cotton-picking in nature: A multisensory experience


Children from nursery schools picking cotton by hand, one at a time.

It has been around 20 years since the women of Chida, Gotsu City, have gathered here and begun their activities. At "Watanosato Mokomoko," cotton seeds are planted in mid-May and cotton is harvested in mid-October. The harvested cotton is seeded, beaten, before being spun into yarn using a spinning wheel. The cotton is also dyed using lightly-colored plant-based dyes extracted from natural materials such as gardenia, and made into products such as mufflers using a weaving machine.
Every October, children from local nursery schools gather here during the cotton harvest season to take part in the harvesting operations. The withered, brown cotton plants are covered with white, fluffy cotton, which the children gently pick by hand. The harvested cotton is used as stuffing to make beautiful ornaments. Once they have been stuffed with lots of fluffy cotton, the ornaments are done! Activities such as the production of short mufflers and coasters using weaving machines are also offered throughout the year.

We picked some fluffy cotton!

The cotton is seeded using traditional tools.

Cotton is used as stuffing during the production of ornaments.

After stuffing the cotton, paint some colors on and the ornaments are done!