Number of Registered Facilities/Groups 91 (as of April 2024)
Number of Registered Facilities/Groups 91 (as of April 2024)

Learn about Nature,
Environment, History, and Culture

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Introduction of Hands-on Experiences

Interacting with Mountains to Learn Handicrafts – Playing in a Mountain Village


Bamboo is split in half with an ax to make a bamboo kiln.

Morifure Club is located in the learning exhibit hall of Shimane Prefectural Furusato Forest Park in the city of Matsue. Here, activities communicate the food and culture of the mountain villages, and the importance of forest conservation.
At the Satoyama Nature Class held every month, people pick and make tempura from wild vegetables in spring, catch stag beetles in summer, and hunt for mushrooms in autumn. The bamboo-cooked rice flour cake-making lesson splits bamboo in half to make a bamboo kiln, pours in rice flour cake batter, and bakes the cake slowly in the kiln. Many events are available for children and adults alike.

Making things from what's found in the mountains

The trick is to bake the cake slowly.

Making postcards by topping cypress washi paper with pressed flowers.

The shapes of the flowers are interesting!