Number of Registered Facilities/Groups 61 (as of May 2020)
Number of Registered Facilities/Groups 61 (as of May 2020)

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Introduction of Hands-on Experiences

Summer vacation in the countryside: Enjoying the dusk


Living in the countryside during summer vacation
Enjoying the sunset to the fullest

During their summer vacation, a family lodges at Kogominosato, a private residence at the foot of Mt. Sanbe, to experience rural living for the first time. Their expectations rise at the sights of winding mountain roads, verdant rice paddies, and clean rivers along the way. As their arrival draws near, the children become wild with anticipation! Despite feelings of nostalgia as though they have come to stay at their grandparents' house, the children and adults alike feel their hearts racing at the new experience awaiting them. For today, they enjoy some countryside time until sunset.

Cicadas buzzing from tree branches. Catching insects with dad.

Biting into corn on the cob!

The rainy season is over and the summer days are getting hotter. Today, family friends have come to Kogominosato seeking the cool comfort of the mountains. Chisato Yada and his wife Itoko, the operators of the lodge, come out to greet them. They are right in the middle of evening preparations. "You came just in time! Please come lend a hand," says Mr. Yada. Cheering excitedly, the children follow after Mr. Yada.

Putting twigs into the furnace to learn about charcoal burning. After 3 days and nights of burning, the charcoal is done.

Making tofu!

Nagashi somen reminds us that it's summer.

The outdoor bath feels wonderful.

Dressing up in yukata
The coolness of evening paints the mountain village.

As the sun sinks below the shadow of the mountains, people change into yukatas and begin to enjoy the evening.
A time of countryside enjoyment with fireworks and watermelon, always popular in the summer.


Enjoy a summer evening with fireworks and smashing watermelons.

The aroma of white rice cooked in a hagama pot wafts from within the house, while at the large furnace in the yard nearby an enormous wooden spoon is used to stir warm soy milk made from crushed soy beans. "What are you making?" ask the children. They cannot even imagine that this will become blocks of tofu.
A countryside dinner feast welcomes one and all, with the rice made in the hagama pot and handmade tofu made by everyone, as well as nishime boiled vegetables, pickled vegetables, and vinegar cucumbers. As they eat gathered around the fireplace, their food tastes even better than usual, and many ask for seconds and thirds.
By the time dinner is over, the hot waters of the Goeimon outdoor baths behind the house have reached a comfortable temperature. From the baths, the view of rice paddies and mountains is accompanied by the soundtrack of evening cicadas, evoking a feeling of freedom like no other. Soaking in the bath and sweating away tiredness leaves one refreshed. It's time to change into yukatas and enjoy the cool evening.

Let's eat watermelon cooled in fresh mountain water!

Mr. Yada has prepared watermelon cooled in fresh mountain water for the many children visiting today. The boys cry out, "I want to smash the watermelon!" "Right! Left! Straight!" They follow the cries as they battle the perfectly spherical watermelon. The girls look cute in their yukatas as they play with sparklers.
As they eat the smashed watermelon on the porch, a cute voice rings out: "I see the first star!" Looking out from the lodge, the mountain village is already pitch black. Looking up into the night sky, the myriad stars shine so brilliantly that they seem about to rain down to earth. They gaze up into the starry night sky for hours.

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