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Number of Registered Facilities/Groups 91 (as of April 2024)
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Satoyama Guesthouse Suga Salon

Area name Unnan Area
Practitioner Osamu Mihara
Hands-on Experiences Nature Experiences/Sports Experiences/Traditional Cultural Experiences
Accommodation Accommodation
Meals Not Provided

Satoyama Guesthouse Suga Salon is right next to Suga Shrine, where they worship the hero of the Legend of Izumo, Susanoo-no-Mikoto. The guesthouse sits at the end of a tree-lined approach.
The old house, originally built 70 years ago, despite being wonderfully renovated, retains its old fashioned charm. During the summer, you can gaze out at the verdant garden filled with fireflies, unwinding in the relaxing space around you.
The owner, Mr Mihara, moved from Osaka five years ago. Mr Mihara has over 30 years' experience in floral design. That much is evident from the elegant wildflower beds next to the porch. Not only that, he is also an experienced therapist. The inside of the house doubles as a salon. "I hope that visitors can enjoy the flowers and relax, and get some respite from the fatigue of daily life," says Mr Mihara. Arranging flowers, stretching at the nearby mountains – take a breather in the great outdoors, and cleanse your mind. How about taking a break at this old house nestled in the mountains?

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Miniature Garden Workshop (Making a miniature garden from wildflowers)


Experience category Nature Experiences
Period All year
Suitable age group For ages 5 and above
Number of participants From 3 people
Time required Approximately 1 hour, including explanation
Things to bring N/A
Necessity of reservation Please place your reservation at least one week in advance.
Experience content This workshop involves taking a stroll around the garden and nearby area, picking wildflowers, then arranging them in a dish to create a wonderful miniature garden. Mr Mihara offers tips on how to arrange flowers to your liking, and there are no difficult rules, so even children can enjoy taking part. The process of arranging flowers, pondering over which plants to use, absorbed in your own world is a joyous way to spend time. Once you've learned the ropes, you're sure to keep it going as a hobby once you get home! Using seasonal flowers means that your very own miniature garden will exude a sense of the seasons.
Note Day trips possible

Morning Picnic Experience


Experience category Nature Experiences/Sports Experiences
Period All seasons except winter
Suitable age group For ages 5 and up
Number of participants 1 to 4 people
Time required Around 2 hours
Fee Free
Things to bring Clothes that are comfortable to move around in
Necessity of reservation Please place your reservation at least one week in advance.
Experience content Enjoy a refreshing picnic on Mount Yakumo, which stands on the border between Matsue City and Unnan City, or at Suga Shrine, which is close to the guesthouse.
From the car park at the trailhead, it takes roughly 10 minutes to reach the peak of Mount Yakumo. As you look out at Lake Shinji and Lake Nakaumi, Mr Mihara will guide you through a series of stretches.
There's also the chance to stretch in front of Meoto Rock, located at the rear of Suga Shrine, said to be Japan's first shrine – and, as legend has it, built by Susanoo and his wife Princess Kushinada after he defeated the fearsome eight-headed serpent. The place is also well renowned as a power spot, so make sure to take the chance to recharge your batteries! On both trips, you can take a breakfast of rice balls and eat them after you've stretched.
Note This experience is only available for overnight guests.
May be canceled in the event of bad weather.

Rice Straw Crane Making


Experience category Traditional Cultural Experiences
Number of participants For groups of 2 or more
Fee 1,000 yen per piece
1,800 yen for 2 pieces
Things to bring N/A
Note Day trips possible

Facility details

Facility name Satoyama Guesthouse Suga Salon
Practitioner Osamu Mihara
Address  493 Suga, Daito-cho, Unnan-shi, Shimane Prefecture
Inquiry phone number +8190-8881-6689
Business hours Check-in: flexible
Check-out: 11:00
Closed days Days off vary
Transportation method By bus (Ichibata): Roughly 30 minutes from Matsue Station (Take the bus bound for Daitō Station)
*Pick-up from Matsue Station is available
Note Overnight accommodate cost (meals not included):
7,000 per person, per room, per night
*An additional 3,000 yen per extra person (Maximum capacity 4 persons)
*Meals cooked together are available as an optional extra (Consultation required. It's possible to bring your own food, cook for yourself, and eat in the garden.)

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