Number of Registered Facilities/Groups 86 (as of July 2024)
Number of Registered Facilities/Groups 86 (as of July 2024)
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Area name Masuda Area
Practitioner Norio Hori
Hands-on Experiences Nature Experiences/Culinary Experiences/Others
Accommodation Day Trip Experience
Meals Available (Meals are prepared with others)

The town of Mito is one of the leading production centers of yuzu citrus fruit in the Chugoku region. From the end of autumn through winter, you can see yellow fields of yuzu all around town. There is also Mito Onsen, popular for its beautifying waters. Spending a day in the town will refresh you in both body and mind.
The Kanetani Jozan cherry tree, located at the site of the Irifuneyama Castle ruins in Kanetani, has a circumference of over 7 meters, and attracts many tourists in spring when its beautiful flowers bloom. In addition to fresh fruit, processed foods including juice and ponzu sauce are available for sale, so you can enjoy fragrant yuzu in many forms.

Guests opening the front door at Horiya in Mito are greeted by Mr. and Mrs. Hori with smiles, as if coming back to grandpa's house.

The Horis lived in many places in Japan for work; after retirement, they returned to Mito-cho in Masuda, the city of Mrs. Hori's family home.
"This city has nothing new, but it always entertains people. It shows different landscapes in the spring, summer, fall, and winter," says Mr. Hori. The couple appears to thoroughly enjoy the scenery and foods that changes with the seasons.

They say they wanted to open a guest house or pub when they originally built the house, and so the living room has a large irori hearth.
Talking to cheerful Mr. Hori while enjoying good food, time passes quickly.

A good cook, Mr. Hori and his wife makes chirashi sushi and inari sushi together with another couple living nearby, and ship these to supermarkets in the city. Naturally, there is also a dedicated processing plant.
Known as a good cook by people in this area, Mr. Hori is able to teach many genres of cuisine.

He is willing to take on any challenge, regardless of his age.
You can learn many things from him, not limited to cooking and photography.

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Field weeding, harvesting, and cooking experience


Experience category Nature Experiences
Period All year *Depends on weather
Fee The experience is included in the home stay experience fee.
Things to bring Clothing suitable for work
Experience content Harvest seasonal vegetables in a nearby field and cook them on the spot.
A skilled cook, Mr. Hori can teach recipes of many types and genres!
Sweet potatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, okra, taro, potatoes, onions, and more are grown in the fields.

Guidance to photo shooting spots


Experience category Others
Period All year
Things to bring Please bring your own camera.
Experience content A hobby photographer, Mr. Hori will guide you to the best photography spots in town.
Take pictures of this town's scenery, which changes with every season.
(* All photos are by Mr. Hori)

Firefly appreciation experience


Experience category Nature Experiences
Period June
Experience content In June, you can see fireflies dancing on the nearby river!
You can also learn how to take photos.

Jam-making experience


Experience category Culinary Experiences
Time required Please inquire
Things to bring Please inquire
Experience content Experience making jam at the Mito Jam Studio.
Make delicious jams from seasonal fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, and iyokan citrus.

Facility details

Group name Horiya
Practitioner Norio Hori
Address  685-7 Sendo, Mito-cho, Masuda-shi, Shimane Prefecture
Inquiry phone number +81856-52-3241 
Business hours Until 21:00
(24-hour email reception)
Closed days Bon Festival/New Year
Transportation method Bus (Iwami Kotsu)/Car
Note ●1-week advance reservation required●
● 1 group per day (up to 2 adults) ●

Lodge experience fee:
6,000 yen per person, per night with 2 meals

What to bring
Sleepwear, towel, toiletries

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