Number of Registered Facilities/Groups 86 (as of July 2024)
Number of Registered Facilities/Groups 86 (as of July 2024)
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Sanso Hisayoshiya (Accommodation currently unavailable)

Area name Hamada Area
Practitioner Yukito Miura
Hands-on Experiences Nature Experiences/Culinary Experiences
Accommodation Day Trip Experience
Meals Available (Meals are prepared with others)

After passing the town of Misumi in Hamada City and driving for another 20 minutes into the mountains, you will reach an area that draws many tourists in spring which is marked by a large 660-year-old cherry tree, "Obirazakura."
If you walk a few hundred meters west from the entrance to Obirazakura, you will see "Sanso Hisayoshiya" on a small hill. An adorable dog will welcome you into the mansion after you walk up the long slope.
Mr. Miura is a handyman and he takes care of all the different rooms by himself. Even now, he is still maintaining them on a daily basis. Everything here, including the wooden counters and chairs, is passionately made by hand.

Mr. Miura, a practitioner, was born and raised in Misumi-cho and lived outside the prefecture once, but returned to Misumi-cho when he was in his 30s. A few years ago, when I was participating in a group to promote settlement in the area and working on activities, I have been thinking about the problems that Misumi Town is facing. To discover the charm of Misumi Town, you can enjoy the experience of being surrounded by nature with Mr. Miura, a hunter, including picking wild vegetables and mushrooms.

Mr. Miura is an interesting host with a great sense of humor. He is someone whom you will immediately get along with after meeting him for the first time, and who will make you want to extend your stay.

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Experience category Rural Area-Specific Experiences/Nature Experiences/Traditional Cultural Experiences

Wild vegetable picking experience


Experience category Nature Experiences/Culinary Experiences
Period Spring
Number of participants Maximum of 10 people
Things to bring Long-sleeved shirt, long pants, boots, hat
Experience content You will pick wild vegetables in a mountainous area nearby. The wild vegetables you have picked can be enjoyed afterwards as "ohitashi" (a boiled side dish) or tempura.

Shiitake mushroom picking


Experience category Nature Experiences/Culinary Experiences
Period From the end of October to March
Number of participants Maximum of 10 people
Experience content Shiitake mushrooms are grown in a mountainous area that is a 10-minute drive away from the facility.
You can harvest Shiitake mushrooms there.

Rural cooking experience


Experience category Culinary Experiences
Period All year
Number of participants Maximum of 10 people
Experience content We will cook together using the wild vegetables and mushrooms that we have collected and enjoy the dishes. You can experience the natural flavors of the ingredients through dishes such as nishime, ohitashi, and tempura.
You can also enjoy the meat of wild boars hunted by Mr. Miura, who is a hunter, by barbecuing it or using it in hotpots.

Facility details

Facility name Sanso Hisayoshiya
Practitioner Yukito Miura
Address  1310 Yahara, Misumi-cho, Hamada-shi
Inquiry phone number +8180-1948-1704
Business hours 8:00~20:00
Closed days Please inquire
Transportation method By private car
A 45-minute drive from Hamada IC
A 40-minute drive from Hagi-Iwami Airport


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