Number of Registered Facilities/Groups 91 (as of April 2024)
Number of Registered Facilities/Groups 91 (as of April 2024)
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Irori Salon

Area name Unnan Area
Practitioner Rika , Hiromitsu Shiroyama
Hands-on Experiences Nature Experiences/Culinary Experiences
Accommodation Accommodation/Day Trip Experience
Meals Available (Meals are prepared with others)

A short walk from the town of Yokota in Okuizumo will bring you to a traditional residence that is covered with trees.
The name of this place, "Darakuso," is derived from the word "darakuso" in the Izumo dialect, which means "a fool." Doesn't the program affiliate Mr. Shirayama have a great sense of humor?
Mr. Shirayama returned to Shimane prefecture from Chiba prefecture in 2005. As he was involved in mass-production and mass-consumption operations in the city, he finally realized what is truly important in life and started an agricultural business in Okuizumo with the hope of inheriting Japan's traditional way of life in the past.
As a member of the "Okuizumo Organic Cotton Project," he is also engaged in daily activities aimed at bringing the cotton harvested here to people all around the country.
This 300-year-old residence has neither a cooling nor a heating system. However, its fireplace is lit all year round, and meals are prepared using this fire even in summer. You can enjoy sitting around the fireplace with Mr. and Mrs. Shirayama, and have lively conversations with them to relieve your fatigue. This simple way of life fueled by fire will no doubt open your mind. That is the reason for naming this place "Irori (Fireplace) Salon"
Some people also believe that drinking the natural water and taking in the clean air of Okuizumo will gradually improve both your physical and psychological health. Above all, Mr. Shirayama is someone who has personally experienced these benefits.
Seize this opportunity to take a fresh look at yourself, experience a rural way of life while relaxing your mind, and learn the living wisdom that Japanese people have lost.

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Hands-on experience in the rice fields


Experience category Rural Area-Specific Experiences
Period Please inquire
Things to bring Clothes that you don't mind getting dirty (and are easy to move around in)
Experience content Rice fields embody the value of learning from nature. In the rice fields here, you can experience activities related to rice production such as rice-planting, rice-harvesting, and drying rice on racks.
For more details please make an inquiry.


Experience category Culinary Experiences


Experience category Culinary Experiences

Cotton and weaving experience


Experience category Nature Experiences
Fee From 1,000 yen
Experience content Picking, collecting, and seeding cotton, etc.
In winter, the cotton is loosened before it is twisted and spun into yarn.

Facility details

Facility name Irori Salon
Practitioner Rika , Hiromitsu Shiroyama
Address  1458 Nakamura, Okuizumo-cho, Nita-gun
Inquiry phone number +8190-4848-0284 (Rika)
※Please leave us a message as we may not be able to take your call while working on the farm.
Business hours N/A
Closed days Please inquire
Transportation method ・Private car
・Please discuss with us if you need someone to pick you up and drop you off at the nearest station (JR Izumo Yokota Station).
Note 【e-mail】

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