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Number of Registered Facilities/Groups 94 (as of December 2022)
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Old private house Tamedaya

Area name Central Area
Practitioner Esuke Kanda
Hands-on Experiences Nature Experiences/Culinary Experiences/Sports Experiences
Accommodation Not available (Only day trips are possible)
Meals Not provided (Meals are prepared with others or by yourself)

Tamedaya is an old private house built amid the rich nature of Onan. After returning to the town with his wife, the proprietor wanted to maintain his original home, built over 150 years ago, as it is. He repaired damaged areas and water-using areas in the kitchen and elsewhere, finishing it as the old home that stands now.
Beyond the entrance is an earthen floor room with old-fashioned folk tools and a wooden mortar. In front, the large irori hearth with smoke rising from burning red charcoal makes it seem a house from an old tale.
Old materials are used in the pillars and ceilings, too; looking closely, you'll see harsh carving marks streaking the pillars. This is called adze-built. It is said that areas now cut with a plane used to be cut piece by piece with a tool called an adze. It expresses that over 100 years have passed since this adze-built house was erected.
Soba noodles are made with locally milled buckwheat flour in the white-walled storehouse of this old house. Tasting freshly boiled soba next to the hearth of the main house is truly a pleasure.
The master of Tamedaya is active locally as the chairman of the Onan Soba Highway Promotion Council and the chairman of the Onan Finland Association. Holding various qualifications, he is a soba appraiser, old private home appraiser, Nordic walking instructor, NGP golf instructor, and civil wedding minister, among other hobbies. The mistress of Tamedaya supports her husband while also presiding over "Home Economics for Adults" as an ecological activity, and teaches how to make "magic pot hats" used in Finland and elsewhere. (A magic pot hat is used to cover partially heated pots, such as simmered foods, to keep the food warm for a long time.)
Fireflies are said to dance here on summer nights, and a lawn with a golf green spreads out in the yard. Preparations are being made now to hold a golf class for learning dignity, putting into practice the book written by the proprietor, The Dignity of Golf (published by Gentosha).
While enjoying hobbies as a couple, the husband says he would like city people to learn the appeal and peace of mind of old private house. An old private house, packed with nostalgia. Even visitors just observing the premises are welcome. It is also registered as business participating in the special discount card program to support people moving to or returning to Shimane.

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Nordic walking experience


Experience category Sports Experiences
Period All year
Suitable age group Elementary school age and above
Number of participants Any number of people.
Time required Walking class: 30 minutes.
Nordic walking: About 30 minutes.
Fee 200 yen / person
Things to bring ・ Nordic walking poles
 (Rental: 300 yen)
・ Water for hydration.
Necessity of reservation Please place your reservation at least one week in advance.
Experience content This authentic Nordic walking experience is presented by the proprietor, who is a qualified JNFA instructor. Even beginners can learn correct walking.
Nordic walking, born in Finland, is a new health-promoting sport that is easy for anyone. It involves walking while pushing with two poles. Located in the central part of the prefecture, the town of Onan is far from the hustle and bustle of the city. The scenic basin valley, surrounded by fresh air, rich greenery, and moderate hills, is an ideal environment for Nordic walking. It is recently been called "Onan, the town of Nordic walking," and it is said that there are about 200 enthusiasts in town.
In May 2016, a seminar was held with Nordic skiing gold medalist Kenji Ogiwara. Mr. Hagiwara has been appointed as a sports advisor in Onan, and he visits every year to provide instruction. 2019 marks the fourth time.
Major events are held twice a year (the NW Tournament with Kenji Ogiwara at the end of May, and the Charity NW Tournament in mid-November), but it's said that one can regularly see older people walking straight-backed, with two poles in their hands.
Come and learn the right way to walk, enjoying the primal scenery of Onan as you walk for health with your own poles.
Note Please dress in sports clothes, including athletic shoes.

Soba noodle making workshop


Experience category Culinary Experiences
Period All year
Suitable age group Elementary school age and above
Number of participants Up to 10 persons (please inquire about tours or other large groups)
Time required Around 2 hours
Fee One bowl: 500g, 2,000 yen; Participation fee: 1000 yen per person (800 yen from the second time, for persons making an entry in the guest book)
Things to bring Apron, head kerchief, towel
Necessity of reservation Please place your reservation at least one week in advance.
Experience content At Kura no Soba Dojo in Shirakabe, you can make soba noodles using locally produced buckwheat flour, boil the noodles in the 150-year-old main house, and enjoy the noodles by the irori hearth. With instruction, even first-timers can make soba. The experience features Edo-style soba, learned by the proprietor while living in Tokyo for many years. He says that the pleasure of making soba is letting people try what you make and hearing them call it delicious. It is a luxury hobby, he adds, noting that if golf is outdoor play, soba is hospitality play. Soba noodles may seem to be deep, but the noodles you make yourself are particularly delicious.

Facility details

Facility name Old private house Tamedaya
Practitioner Esuke Kanda
Inquiry phone number +8180-5418-4948(Kanda)
Business hours Telephone hours: 9:00 to 18:00
Closed days Nothing
Transportation method On the Hamada Expressway, get off at the Mizuho Interchange, follow Prefectural Road No. 5 toward Prefectural Road No. 50, and proceed westward for about 1.5 km. Proceed on Prefectural Road No. 327 for about 7.4 km. Upon reaching Prefectural Road No. 7, proceed about 5.8 km. Turn right before Katataguchi Bus Stop, and go about 500m. The house is down a bit on the right.
Look for rooftop solar panels where several banners stand.
Note Search with "Tamedaya"

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