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Number of Registered Facilities/Groups 86 (as of June 2024)
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Ebisu-san's Port Town Development Executive Committee

Area name Matsue Area
Practitioner Takashi Fukuma
Hands-on Experiences Nature Experiences/Culinary Experiences/Traditional Cultural Experiences/Others
Accommodation Accommodation
Meals Not Provided

Mihonoseki Port brings a feeling of nostalgia with its sea smells and its timeless port town scenery. Located on the ria coastline at the eastern tip of the Shimane peninsula, it once thrived as a strategic point for marine traffic. 1000 vessels enter and leave the port, where small cargo vessel wholesalers and ryokans stand side by side. Nestled among this charming townscape stands the unassuming Hashizuya. The historic homes were built in the Edo period, and their unique Mihonoseki architectural style has been kept intact. The insides, however, have been made into comfortable spaces suitable for a modern lifestyle.
Hashizuya and two other historic homes double as accommodations and bases of operations as you partake in various experiences to enjoy the attractions of Mihonoseki.

By actually being exposed to the timeless sights of the port and the lifestyles of the locals, we can become more aware of the "good old days" which we had forgotten and the warm bonds between people.

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Historic exploration experience


Experience category Others
Period All year round
Suitable age group Elementary school age and above
Number of participants 30 people
Time required Around 1 hours
Fee High school students and up 500 yen/person
Elementary and middle school students 300 yen/person
(Non-school-age children are free)

(*Above prices include 300 yen entrance fee for Bukkokuji temple)
Things to bring Comfortable walking shoes
Necessity of reservation Yes (telephone reservation seven days in advance)
Experience content Enjoy exploring Mihonoseki while accompanied by a local guide who will teach you about the area's history and attractions.

Miho Shrine:
This is the main shrine of the god Ebisu for all of Japan, and many Shinto rituals and festivals are held here.

Aoishidatami-dōri ("green cobblestone road"):
During the late Edo period, Aoishidatami-dōri was made by cutting out green stones from the sea and laying them down to form a road. When sprinkled with water, the large and small stones take on a lustrous green color, which has not been lost even after many years.
The 3-meter wide road is lined with charming ryokans which were visited by many people of culture in the past.

Bukkokuji Temple
■Jōdo-shū Ryūkaisan Sanmyōin Bukkokuji
This Jōdo-shū Buddhist temple was built 1200 years ago. The Dainichido enshrines 5 statues of Buddha, including the sitting Bhaisajyaguru statue and the standing Suryaprabha and Candraprabha statues. It is a national Designated Important Cultural Property.
In a corner of the temple grounds can be found the grave of Koshō Kichiza, the lover of Yaoya Oshichi, who are both the subject of Ningyō jōruri and kabuki performances. Additionally, Bukkokuji is known as a temporary lodging visited by Emperor Go-Daigo when he was in exile and waiting for favorable winds. You can meet the statues of Buddha who quietly watched over such turbulent history.

Fun fishing experience


Experience category Nature Experiences
Period Around April to October (please inquire)
Suitable age group Elementary school age and above
Number of participants 10 people
Time required Approximately 3 hours
Fee 800 yen/person
Things to bring Nothing
Necessity of reservation Yes (telephone reservation seven days in advance)
Experience content On a nice day, you can enjoy a fun fishing experience on Mihonoseki Port's wharf. You can catch a wide variety of mostly small fish, such as horse mackerel, sea bream, largescale blackfish, black rockfish, thread-sail filefish, and fugu.

That moment when even a small fish takes the bait can get your heart pounding! Adults and children alike will become obsessed with fishing before they know it. Take the fish you caught back to Hashizuya, where you will be taught the proper cooking method before cooking them and eating them together with everyone.

These days not many people cut and trim fish at home, so why not fully enjoy the luxury of catching, cooking, and eating your own fish?
Note *Price includes necessary fishing tools such as rods and buckets, as well as bait (1 pack for two people)

Mihonoseki cruise experience


Experience category Nature Experiences/Others
Period April 20th–October 30th
Number of participants 12 people
Time required Around 40 minutes
Fee ・Middle school students and older 2000 yen/person
・Elementary students 1000 yen/person
・Non-school-age children 500 yen/person
(Children under 3 years old are free)
Things to bring Anti-seasickness medicine (please bring if you are worried)
Necessity of reservation Yes (telephone reservation seven days in advance)
Experience content Departing from Mihonoseki Port, this short 40-minute boat tour goes past the base of Mihonoseki Lighthouse and along the north coast of the Shimane peninsula.

On a clear day, you can view the far-off Mt. Daisen and gaze upon the vast plain of the Japan sea as the salty sea breeze blows past, which makes all your worries and the hustle and bustle of everyday life seem so small. As you look up from the sea, the white of Mihonoseki Lighthouse stands out sharply against the blue sky and seems to guide you on your way.
The gods and the lighthouse watch over this sea. Why not forget your worries and immerse yourself in nature on this cruise?
Note *The ship cannot set sail unless the sea is calm. Even if you have made a reservation, the cruise must sometimes be canceled. We ask for your understanding.
*Departure time is determined upon consultation.

Facility details

Facility name ① Hashizuya ② Ooshimoya ③ Hamanoya)
Group name Ebisu-san's Port Town Development Executive Committee
Practitioner Takashi Fukuma
Address  Located inside local community center at 661 Mihonosekicho Mihonoseki, Matsue city
Inquiry phone number +81852-73-0420
Business hours 9:00~17:00
Closed days Nothing
Transportation method ■By car
Approximately 40 minutes from Yonago interchange on Yonago motorway
Approximately 25 minutes from Yonago Airport
Approximately 20 minutes from JR Sakaiminato station
Approximately 40 minutes from JR Matsue station

 Tokyo⇔Yonago, approximately 75 minutes
Seoul⇔Yonago, approximately 90 minutes
 Hong Kong⇔Yonago, approximately 3 hours 
From Okayama station, take the limited express Yakumo on the Hakubi line⇒Sakai line from Yonago station⇒alight at final stop, Sakaiminato station⇒taxi or community bus
Note ■Prices
Adult: 5000 yen/person, tax included (middle school students and older)
Children: 3500 yen/person, tax included (elementary students)
*Children who are younger than elementary students and do not require a futon are free (rental futon 500 yen/set)
*Please inquire for lodging fees for 2 or more guests.

■Cancellation fees
The following fees will be charged when canceling a reservation.
*Afternoon on the reservation date or no-show... 100%
*The day before or the morning of the reservation date... 50%
*Two days or more in advance... 30%

■Please bring your own cooking seasonings, toiletries, towel, and bedding.

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