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Number of Registered Facilities/Groups 86 (as of June 2024)
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Usagi Genki na Kai Association (Guesthouse Wajimaya)

Area name Izumo Area
Practitioner Isamu Abe
Hands-on Experiences Nature Experiences/Traditional Cultural Experiences
Accommodation Accommodation
Meals Not Provided

The group Usagi Genki na Kai, which takes its name from the Udo pass pacing the Sea of Japan and the Sagiura District, communicates the charm of the sea and this historic port town. You can walk around the old townscape with its narrow alleys and street number doorplate on every house, or stay at an old private house with a view of the sea. (We are currently not accepting bookings for overnight stays)
Our cruising experiences are particularly popular – in a small boat ride out of the harbor onto the Sea of Japan, and enjoy sightseeing along the coast, feeding the seagulls, exploring natural caves and much more. You can watch the evening sunset over the sea, and, in season, appreciate sea sparkle ("sea fireflies") and fishing lure lights at night. Or try the salt grilling experience to sense the richness of the sea and the blessings of nature by boiling down seawater to make natural salt.

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Cruising Experience


Experience category Nature Experiences
Period From May to October
Suitable age group Ages 3 and up
Number of participants For groups of 2 or more
Time required Approximately 1 hour
Fee 3,000 yen per adult, 1,500 yen per child
Please inquire separately
Things to bring Nothing
Necessity of reservation Yes
Experience content Experience a cruise in our small boat. Participants can enjoy exploring the caves and visiting islands along the way. We also offer sunset cruises, chances to see the sea sparkles, luring fish, and fishing opportunities.

Town Stroll Experience


Experience category Nature Experiences/Traditional Cultural Experiences
Period All year round
Suitable age group Nothing
Number of participants Please inquire
Things to bring Nothing
Experience content Enjoy a walk around this beautiful town with its red roofed buildings, once a port of call for cargo ships during the Edo era. There are lots of things to discover, including the old fashioned 'Namako' patterned walls, narrow lanes and more.

'Shioyaki' Salt-making Workshop


Experience category Nature Experiences/Culinary Experiences
Period From April to November (Closed during July and August)
Suitable age group Ages 20 and up (Please contact us in advance)
Number of participants From 10-20 persons (Inquiries necessary)
Time required Approximately 1 hour
Fee 1,000 yen / person
Things to bring Nothing
Experience content Try your hand at making natural sea salt using ocean water. Bake the salt carefully over an old charcoal brazier.

Facility details

Facility name Usagi Genki na Kai Association (Guesthouse Wajimaya)
Group name Usagi Genki na Kai Association (Guesthouse Wajimaya)
Practitioner Isamu Abe
Address  16 Sagiura, Taisha-cho, Izumo-shi
Inquiry phone number +8190-7992-5236
Business hours 9:00~17:00
Transportation method 30 minutes by car from JR Izumoshi Station


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