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Number of Registered Facilities/Groups 86 (as of July 2024)
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Shizuma Village Exchange Club:

Area name Central Area
Practitioner Representative: Mamoru Katarao
Hands-on Experiences Nature Experiences
Accommodation Day Trip Experience
Meals Not Provided

In addition to the building's exterior, the experience of staying here is also reminiscent of the rural way of life in the past.
The owner's hope is for children today to value the gifts of the seas and mountains, appreciate the gifts of nature in this world where almost everything can be easily obtained, and remember the spirit of gratitude.
By returning to a more primitive way of life and experiencing the sense of gratitude that must not be forgotten as well as the warmth of interacting with others, you will begin to realize the importance of things that you have taken for granted.

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Salt-making experience


Experience category Nature Experiences/Traditional Cultural Experiences
Period Closed in July and August
Suitable age group Third-grade elementary school students and above
Number of participants Around 15 people
Time required 2 to 3 hours
Fee 800 yen
Things to bring Working gloves, long-sleeved shirt, pants. Clothes that are easy to work in
Necessity of reservation 1-month advance reservation
Experience content On the shore you will find "Shizu-no-iwaya," which has been designated as a natural monument of the city. You can experience salt-making right next to Shizu-no-iwaya, a cave that has been featured in myths.
Seawater is drawn from the sea and boiled in a cauldron to evaporate the water content. Various operations are then carried out before the mixture is dried under the sun for a period of one week to ten days.
Natural salt made using this traditional method possesses more minerals and has a higher nutritional value than mass-produced salt.
This salt also has a subtle hint of sweetness amidst its saltiness, which is said to enhance the flavors of dishes.
"Nigari," which is a concentrated solution of salts obtained during the production process, can be used in the bath or as a lotion to make your skin smooth.
As this activity is carried out using a charcoal brazier and a pot for each person, the time required varies depending on individual participants. Although salt-making requires tremendous perseverance, the salt that you have put in the effort to make will be of exceptional quality.
This activity allows you to experience the difficulty of making something using natural materials and fully appreciate the gifts of nature.

Tour Shizu-no-iwaya


Experience category Nature Experiences/Traditional Cultural Experiences
Period All year round
Suitable age group Infants and above
Number of participants Around 15 people
Time required 1 hour
Things to bring Comfortable shoes
Necessity of reservation 1-month advance reservation
Experience content Shizu-no-iwaya is located in Uozu of Shizuma-cho.
According to the myths of Izumo, this cave was the temporary residence of the divinities Okuninushi-no-mikoto and Sukunahikona-no-mikoto when they were drawing up plans to build the country. These two divinities are still being worshipped here.
This is also believed to be the place alluded to in a poem by Oishi-no-sugurimahito collected in the Manyoshu anthology, which has been engraved on a monument here.
Created by raging waves from the Sea of Japan, this cave has a mysterious atmosphere that is reminiscent of the age of the gods.
Visit Shizu-no-iwaya for an otherworldly experience along the coast where gentle waves lap against the shore.

Facility details

Facility name Shizuma Village Exchange Club
Group name Shizuma Village Exchange Club
Practitioner Representative: Mamoru Katarao
Address  Uotsu 606 (Koura), Shizuma-cho, Oda City, Shimane prefecture
Inquiry phone number +81854-84-8360(Shared fax) Our office address is Shizuma-cho 1044-19, Oda City
Business hours 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Closed days Open daily
Transportation method Take National Route 9 until you reach a three-way junction with the "Shizuma-hiraguchi" bus stop.
  (※There is a signboard here indicating the entrance to "Shizuma Elementary School.")
Once you reach the three-way junction, take the Prefectural Road 287 (one-lane) and proceed for around 250m.
Just before you reach Shizuma Community Center, turn left towards Shizuma Elementary School.
As you pass under Shizuma Elementary School, the road will split into two. Take the right road.
Note Please place a reservation at least one month prior to your visit by phone or fax.


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